The Pros And Cons Of Diesel Car Engines

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The idea is starting to cross seas, and make its way into the United States. We are talking about diesel cars, that is! In Europe, almost half of the cars manufactured are made with these types ofengines. This trend is leaking its way into the states; where less than 5% of new manufactured cars are made with diesel engines. That's a big difference!

So why are American manufacturers warming up to the idea of diesel-powered vehicles? Why are people choosing d-fuel more and more each year? This is a tough question to answer; so instead, we can simply discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of owning or driving a vehicle with these types of engines.


Many people imagine a loud, noisy, black smoke-producing vehicle when they thing about diesel car engines. However, with the growing available resources and improved technology, these drawbacks are a thing of the past for diesel engines. Rather than the standard d-fuel we have always thought to know, newer versions of these types of engines are designed to operate on an innovative low-sulfur version of diesel fuel; which is partly responsible for reducing noise levels and excessive exhaust smoke. It is commonly referred to as "clean diesel" because it significantly reduces air pollution and malodourous exhaust fumes.

The increasing gas prices of unleaded fuel are probably why many Americans are interested in making the switch once it comes time to purchase a new vehicle. With the new technological advancements in diesel fuel, as well as its additional advantage points, - - there is very little reason to not consider d-fuel cars as an option. These types of engines have caught the attention of consumers and car owners; but automakers also support the shift in order to meet new standards for fuel-efficiency. Here are some additional benefits of driving diesel-powered vehicles:

Higher Fuel Efficiency

Better Fuel Economy

Higher Resale Values

Better Durability

Better Torque


These types of engines are more expensive than gasoline-powered vehicles. For some, the extended fuel efficiency and heightened fuel economy are not lucrative enough for them to spend an extra $2,000 or more on the same car with a diesel engine. Also, diesel fuel is prices higher than standard unleaded gasoline. On top of higher vehicle and fuel costs, not all gas stations provide diesel fuel options. This means it may take some planning-ahead if you want to make a switch to a diesel car. One of the most talked-about disadvantages of owning a car with this type of engine is the limited selection of vehicles that come with a diesel engine option. Once this type of fuel has proven to be high in demand, more and more American manufacturers will be inclined to produce more make and model cars with diesel engines.

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